Raven 46-Inch Hybrid Riding Lawn Mower

Raven Riding Lawn Mower ReviewThis review of the Raven 46- inch hybrid riding lawn mower was one of the easiest reviews I have ever written.  The first thing I have to say about this beast of a mower is that it is only available at Lowe’s Home Improvement Centers and it is so much more than a lawn mower.

If you are just looking for a lawn mower than go pick one up at a garage sale.  If you are looking to stock up on some cool survival gear, without letting the loved one know you are spending more money, then this is the ultimate tool you should purchase.  The Raven is so much more than a lawn mower because the vehicle will transform the way things will be done around the property from the first day it arrives.

With the Raven hybrid riding lawn mower one of the few things you will be doing is mowing the lawn.  In fact, this thing is so cool you will find many more uses than can be listed in this article.  The truth is that once the “cool factor” wears off you will have a vehicle that will be a work horse in your basic survival needs preparation planning.  It is further suggested that if you can afford this thing that you consider getting two….or even a few to establish a fleet of vehicles.  If society were to come crashing down….the Raven hybrid could quite possibly be the single most important piece of equipment used, other than your firearms.

In this review of the Raven hybrid there are only a few things that you need to realize about this piece of survival gear. This is the one piece of gear you will be able to use in this life today, and the life after the electricity goes off for the final time.  This mower has some impressive stats…here are but a few of them…

  • Carries with it a self-contained generator that creates over 7000 watts of electricity anywhere you this thing can take you.
  • The mower deck detaches faster than the Batmoblie could leave the Batcave to allow you to unlease the full potential
  • Can reach speeds of up to 17 mph to outrun even the fastest group of thugs roaming your property
  • Runs like an ATV because of the beefed up shocks and frame
  • Capable to traverse rough terrain
  • Completely self-charging technology which means never having to manually recharge the battery
  • Can operate up to 12 hours on a single tank of gas
  • Stealth like operation when running on electric power
  • Can pull an optional trailer with a 500 pound load

I could go on and on when talking about this but what really impressed me was the quiet operation when running on self-contained electric power.  Check out the video below and listen to the quiet and think of how useful this will be when you are trying to quietly move around your property at night to check things out!  Keep the headlights off and you will be able to quickly cover long distances with little chance of detection.

I could go on and on about this Raven review but the only thing you need to know is that if you want to be a practical prepper and want to get ready now…while the world is not paying attention…..this is the one thing that you should order.  The Raven Hybrid is built to last and it is built to provide you the source of power you will need, when and wherever you will need to have it.  If you can afford it you should order one for every person in your group and an extra one…they are that good!

The cost of this thing will fluctuate over time, so I will only provide you with a link to the Shop Lowes.com so you can further your research.  I would suggest you request it to be delivered because this way they bring it right to your door.  The policy of Lowe’s is that they do not charge extra for delivery up to 75 miles from the store.  If you were to order this from Lowe’s you will not have to worry about being cheated, scammed or ripped off because we all know how solid Lowe’s is, as an organization.  I have never had any trouble getting satisfaction and my experiences with The Raven are no different.

With the design being belt free, with brush-less motor…and a direct drive hybrid design there is no competition ANYWHERE on the market today!  Get one, or three today and be ready to either mow the grass, run for your life…or repair your fence line with power tools in the middle of nowhere.  The Raven Hybrid is ready when you are.

For more information simply follow the link below, and when you get to the Lowe’s website type in item number 437234, in the search box, to go straight to the specification sheet for more detailed information.

I want you consider why they named it The Raven….The definition of the word Raven means a ferocious wild animal that hunts prey.  How fitting the name is for this survival tool that will quickly become one of your gems as you prepare your family for a time when things are not so easy.


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