Bug Out Bag Essentials

The first, and most important thing a person needs to decide is what is going to be the best bug out bag that can purchased to carry the load. Realizing that a bug out bag is ultimately planned to be carried on the back of the individual, it needs to be understood that it only makes sense that the bag is not only the correct type of bag…but it is packed in such a way that it is manageable. It is also needed that the person wearing the bug out bag can bear the load day after day, walking to safety. It would make no sense for a person to load a bug out bag with 100 pounds of essentials if the person carrying the bug out bag only weighs 145 pounds. It is of vital importance that the bug out bag be one that the individual can carry on their back for the long-haul. If you create a bug out bag that is only meant to be thrown into your car’s trunk…you are ineptly preparing for bugging out. The bug out bag needs to be planned in such a way that the individual that is carrying the bag…can actually carry the bag.

What Is The Best Style of Bug Out Bag?
Without any debate at all, the best style of a bug bag out is going to be the type that have metal frames. (Example I Am Talking About) I say this because it is proven that a frame on the back pack helps a person support and adjust the weight as the load of the bag is being carried by the person. There is no debate in this and the weight that is added is offset by the comfort a person will need as they endure the physical act of walking long distances with the weight on their back.

What Is The Best Weight of a Bug Out Bag?
Once again there is no debate in this question of what is the essential weight capacity of an individual bug out bag. The weight of the bug out bag should be no more than 25% of a person’s body weight (when packed), with the assumption that the person is fairly physically fit and is not an overweight person. If you doubt that losing weight is essential to survival in a bug out situation I suggest you read the following article on another website. (Losing Weight To Survive) With the statement of the theory that you are not morbidly obese, it needs to be understood that the weight of your packed bug-out bag be NO MORE than 25% of your body weight.

Bug Out Bag Essentials
Now that we have determined the basic essentials of the type of bug out bag, and the weight of the bag, we are ready to discuss the needed items that will be placed inside the bag, on the bag, and on your waist. Overall it needs to be understood that you will not only be placing things in your bag, but also on your bag, and on your body. This is done in an attempt to keep the essential items ready and available for use, while allowing the load to be carried with minimal interruption. It would make no sense to pack a frequently needed item at the bottom of your bug out bag.

There is an innate comprehension that you will need to pack your bug out bag with the essentials of water, food, shelter and security. For the sake of keeping this article focused on merely listing the essentials of packing a bug out bag, I have left a link to an earlier article that covers these necessary items in greater detail. (Best Bug Out Bag)

The next thing you need to consider is how long you will need to survive off the contents of what is inside the bug out bag, and how long it will need to last. In theory, almost all scenarios will require you to exist for 3 strenuous days, with no resupply. With what is written above you will need to not only stock your bag with the items listed below, but with the understanding of what was written above.

You will need to decide who will carry first-aid supplies, and who will carry the other items that are essential to all, but are not carried by each individual. Based on the group, or lack of group, you will need to determine what is important, who will carry what, and how it will be packed.

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Certain items listed below are also links to an article that goes in greater detail about the specifics of gathering that item(s) for your bug out bag.

Here is a basic list of the bug out bag essentials every person, or group of people will be carrying.

  1. Water
  2. Katadyn Micro-Filter
  3. Food
  4. Shelter
  5. Personal Prescriptions
  6. First-Aid Supplies
  7. Fixed Blade Survival Knife
  8. Knife Sharpener
  9. Axe
  10. Flashlight
  11. Candles
  12. Extra Batteries, for each flashlight
  13. Sleeping Bag
  14. Binoculars
  15. Compass
  16. Folding Shovel
  17. Quality Pocket knife
  18. Quality Sewing Kit
  19. Strike Anywhere Matches
  20. Bic Lighter
  21. 1-Pint of Unscented Bleach (Water Treatment)
  22. Mess Kit or Cook Ware
  23. Portable Fishing Rod
  24. Liquid Detergent
  25. Bar Soap
  26. Tarp
  27. Old Silver Coins (Barter)
  28. Bug Repellant
  29. Watches That Are NOT Battery Operated
  30. 50′ Aluminum Foil
  31. Rain Jacket, or Poncho
  32. Small AM-FM Radio, With Batteries
  33. Pen / Pencils, and paper
  34. Small Can Opener
  35. Toilet Paper
  36. Garden Seeds

Listed in this article are some of the bug out bag essentials, and as always…this list requires common sense. You, the person preparing the bug out bag(s) know the particulars of your family, or group. Only you know who is involved and the personalities of those that will be in your group.

It is quite possible that you are alone in your understanding of the need for preparation, but remember…if your bug out bags are ever truly needed…it will not be a time for “I told you so!!!” Preparing your bug out bag(s) will be time well spent regardless of the naysayers and the perception of others. The list could go on and on, but unfortunately your bug-out bag is not bottomless.

You simply need to gather up what is needed, pack it up and stow it away. The bug out bag essentials will be easy to gather now, and essential to survival later….if ever needed. Will you need one? Who knows…but I would sure hate it if you woke up tomorrow and remembered this article and said to yourself….“AH Shit…I should of got ready, because now it is too late!”

That would really suck for you, your family, and anyone else that looked to you for leadership, direction and survival.


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