Fastest Way To Build Up Food Storage

The fastest way to build up food storage is simply to go out and get it done.  For the person that has the disposable income needed to quickly build up their food storage they simply need to look for what will arrive quickly, and store for a long time.  All too often a person, or a group, is limited to building their food storage a little at a time because of the constraint of money.  This article is intended for the individual that can just whip out a bank card and spend money freely on food storage quickly…to simply get it done so as not to have to worry about it again.

There are really only 4 things needed to be calculated when determining how to quickly build up your food storage.

  1. How many people?
  2. How long to plan for?
  3. 25 Years Shelf Life for Food
  4. Can I Afford It?

How Many People?
This is a very simple and straight forward question that only you will know the answer.  How many people?   How many adults? How many children?

How Long To Plan For?
The best thing to do is calculate at least a one year supply for each person.  Anything less is half-stepping it, anything longer could prove to be good foresight.
food storage calculator from My Food

25 Year Shelf Life
The point to getting a 25 years shelf life is that it becomes something that can be done and forgotten…unless it is needed.  By purchasing food storage, with a 25 year shelf life, you can concentrate on other issues in your planning.  By ordering food that lasts for such a long time makes the need to worry about one less thing.  Since you do not want to appear like a fanatical person from that TV show….this is a very low-key way to get it done and move on.  By purchasing food with an extended shelf life those that you love will have all the food they will need, and it will only be limited by the time-frame referenced at the time of purchase.  If you buy enough food in 2013 it simply means that you can rest assured knowing you have provided from any emergency that may arise for 35 years. That removes a great deal of worry, and provides a great peace of mind for those special few with the insight to prepare.

Can I Afford It?
Whether or not you can afford it really is not limited by how much money you can spend.  It comes down to how much money do you have that you can spend without going broke?  For some that amount may mean they can only get a can of SPAM…and those are the ones that will die first.

How much money is a can of Spam cost today, and how much will it be worth if there was never going to another can of ANY food EVER?  If society were to collapse (as we know it) how much would food be worth?  The money saved now, by being cheap, will not even be used as decent toilet paper if there were to be some world shaking event that caused the food chain to crash.

What it really comes down to is not how much money you have…it is simply going to be based on what you choose to spend.  If you knew there was not going to be anymore food produced you would sell anything, and everything to prepare.  Yet…we….as a society are so far removed from the frailness of society and we have allowed our money blind us.

What often happens is that we think about the fastest way to build up food storage…but then the urge subsides.  We think that $10,000 is too much to spend on our family now, and do nothing.    There will be many people who will be forced to tell their loved ones you have no food because you just did not pay attention to what was going on…..and wanted to save money.

Food may cost money…but if there were no more food how much would your money be worth?…How much would you have to pay to feed your family when money is worthless?

Interesting though huh?  But not too many people really think about it as nearly as much as they should.

The fastest way to build up food storage is to just get it done!

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A Fat Person Trying To Survive… at the End of the World

If you watch the video that is below and say that person is NOT me… of course you are right….. it is NOT you.  The point of posting this video is that I am so tired of listening to, and watching all of the ‘preppers’ that stockpile guns, and food, and tons of survivalist equipment only to neglect the simple fact that they are over weight.  Before we get started… here is a link for you to check out your BMI. (Click Here)  I give the person in the video kudos for dragging his 530 pound body up the “mountain” but what you need to realize is that there are NO fat Marines for a very simple reason.  If you are a fat person, you simply are not ready for survival.

If you are trying to get ready for the end of the world and are neglecting the fact that you are fat… you are so missing the marking of preparing to meet the world ending.  If a person has all the stuff to survive and does not have the physical ability to move their ass, as needed, then the reality is that they will not be worth a dang to anyone around them. Or to themselves.   Unless you are a muscular person (and most fat people are not) then your BMI is correct… it is the truth and yes!… I know you have not weighed that little since High School.  Yes!  I know that you think you would be too thin because despite what you believe… you too… (yes you!!!) have fallen prey to the fallacies the American culture has taught you.  You have accepted the weight of a fat person, as now being normal.  Simply put… the new fat… is now the new normal.

If you want to be the best survivalist possible then wise up, and listen…. you gotta lose the weight because your body is literally the only tool that you will be taking with you everywhere you go.  You better get your weight under control… because if the world ends… if the electrical grid collapses.. if a comet wipes out siciety… if the U.S. Dollar collapse…. if … if ….. if….   The reality is that despite the awesome equipment, and food, you may have collected… you are not ready to survive because of your weight.

Losing weight is NOT about diet and exercise.  Obtaining a healthy weight is NOT about taking a diet pill.  Losing weight is ALL about learning how to eat correctly while losing the weight, and then being knowledgeable enough to be able to keep the weight off for life!  IT IS NOT ABOUT DIETING!  So… throw away EVERYTHING society has taught you because it really does not work… if it did work there is one simple question I want to ask….  why are there so many fat people in America?

I have a very unique perspective to help a person lose weight, for many reasons.   In my opinion, my best reason is because I am NOT a doctor!  The medical field (in my opinion) has become the mouth piece for the government.  The goal of health care is really not to help a person get healthy… the goal is to manage a person’s illness.  The goal is to not tell you that you are fat… it is to rub your neck and make you feel better about your situation and mention a healthy way of life…. while handing you a pill with the other hand!

If you want to get the weight off.. then listen up.  I was once an active duty U.S. Marine.  I was enlisted, I was an officer.  I worked in artillery and spend a great deal of time humping in the idle of nowhere with the infantry.  I carried a lot of equipment and did a lot of cool stuff.  Then, I got out of the Marine Corps and one day I woke up fat.  Heck, I really did not even know how it happened!  I simply woke up fat, and I realized it when an old friend visited me!  I knew I had to change!

I was 115 pounds over weight and I looked in the mirror and no longer knew who was looking back at me!  I then realized that if the world was to end I was so ill-prepared because of my weight that I would have not have been able to carry my bug-out bag even a mile, or two.

So… if you are worried about the world ending… I get it.  If you are worried about it… I suggest that you look in the mirror and decide how prepared your body is for the event that you fear.  I suggest that you spend the time needed to get the weight off… and then keep it off.  Period!… No excuses and nothing gets in the way… OH!   and you need to realize that exercise will actually hurt your long-term efforts if you do not eat correctly.  Your human physiology will kick itself out of fat burn and devour the muscles for the needed protein.  I suggest that for AT LEAST 3 weeks… you DO NOT increase your exercise AT ALL!  You have to allow your body the time to ease into getting healthy.

I am not a doctor, but I am very well versed on how to get healthy… reach out to me… call me… text me and let’s talk.  I am not here trying to solicit your credit card.. I am here to educate you that if you do not do something about your weight… you may one day have something done to you because of your weight!


If you have ANY questions or need help with anything on this website, please feel free to contact us.

I write what I write because we believe in the message. I can help you understand weight loss with FREE knowledge because I love to pay it forward.

Keith Quackenbush

 850-449-0121 (Call or all works)

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Rioting In America

We, as Americans think that rioting in America is something that used to happen, or something that does not happen anymore.  We, as Americans no longer live in the greatest country in the world because our currency is faltering, our government is bankrupt and government control is flying out of control.  Over 45% of the American population receives one form of aid, or another, from the Federal government and this is all happening while our country is already virtually bankrupt.  Despite the fact that we have all of these warning signs, we as a nation do not think that there is any reason to be alarmed.  We, as a people, do not fear of rioting in America.

With all of that said….I have a question..?

What will you do if there were to be some major, society altering event that affected ALL of America at one time?  How would you deal with it?  Would you be ready to provide for your loved ones?   Would you have to venture out into the chaos to simply retrieve the needed supplies to keep your family alive?  What would you do if the riots in America were so wide-spread that there was no longer trucks restocking the grocery store shelves?  What if the power went off and did not come on for months?  If ever?  What would you do if rioting in America became so wide-spread that calling 911 became a joke because they just stopped responding?

When I speak of society breaking down in America I speak of not only on a national level, but also a regional level.  What if…what if….what if?

Are you ready to feed your family now, and for the upcoming months, or would you have to rely on government handouts?

Just a simple question that only matters to you, and your family because you will be the one that has to deal with the reality of being unprepared.  You will be the one that will be opening up the cupboards with little to nothing to offer your loved ones and then you will have to be the one to venture out and deal with the mobs to just get food and maybe even water.

If you ignore this warning I hope you sleep well tonight.  The reality of what I have written has repeated itself countless times through history, and to think that somehow America is immune to riots, or complete failure simply means you were never a fan of history.  Either you get ready, or you do not.  Either way, the consequences will be yours to deal with when the time arrives.  The simple act of spending a few dollars on DEDICATED food storage may seem expensive now…but if that day comes and you have NOTHING…how much would you have to pay then…and I do not mean in money.

I strongly suggest you get whatever you can afford, and put it away and do not touch it, because the shelf life of emergency food storage is 25 years long and can be purchased and just stored away.  If you never need it then great…you spent a few dollars, but the peace of mind will always be there despite whatever situation comes along.  The unknown is just that and to prepare for “something” is not a bad idea…it is a prudent idea.

Without it, or with it….you will have to deal with the consequences.

Long Term Food Storage -

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Bug Out Bag Shelters

Bug Out Bag SheltersChoosing a shelter that can be stored in your bug out bag can be an overwhelming topic to understand.  There are countless videos and opinions all over the web.  Hikers have their opinion.  Camping enthusiasts have their opinions, and so does every other person seeking to determine the best bug out bag shelter.  Instead of me trying to evaluate all of the countless myriad of tent models I have broken this down very easily to help you select what works best for you when designing your bug out bag.

There really is no better option for your bug out bag than a tent.  I saw one video where a guy said that he could not use a tent because he lived in a city.  Really?  I was shocked to realize that there was even one person planning on bugging out and staying in a city!  In my opinion…if you are planning to bug out in an emergency you better get a tent because you will need to leave the city and head out to a rural area.  Deciding to stay in a big city should really be thought through more because once the millions of others get hungry….life will get really bad…really fast.

Of course it is highly suggested you DO NOT get a tent that is brightly colored.  You should find one that is the drabbest color possible because when you bug out…you will not want to be letting everyone know where you are camped out.  The mindset of survival will quickly change from wanting to be seen, to wanting to be hidden if you ever need to bug out.

With a tent being the best option to use in your bug out bag plan there are really only 4 factors that will determine which tent(s) you will need to purchase.

  1. Cost
  2. Size
  3. Climate
  4. Weight

I could sit here and show you all of the models of tent and never discuss cost, which would waste your time, and definitely my time.  I say this because the reality is that most people are trying to create their bug out plan in the mix of many other things that are going on in life.  Since we are only PLANNING to get a bug out bag the rent still needs to be paid, as well as all of the other bills that exist in our daily life.  Since cost is a factor that only you can determine…I will not waste my time discussing this much further.  If you can afford the best, then you will spend what it takes.  If you are planning this bug out bag shelter idea while trying to make ends meet…you will get what you can afford.

The size of the tent is a very simply concept that will be determined by how many people will be staying in the tent.  Will you be alone?  Will you have a spouse?  Will you have children?  How many people will need tents?  The answer to this question can only be determined by who is reading this article.  Within this section I also want to nudge your thoughts in the direction of security.  What I mean by this is that when deciding what size tent to get, you should plan on keeping all your family members in one tent.  I say this because if everyone is in a separate tent many things could happen if nobody is answering 911 calls anymore.  It would be much easier to have your “group” in one larger tent than in a collection of tents that are not in a general and precise location.

For the subset of the size group, with you determining the cost, there is really only two more general factors you need to be concerned.  If you are alone you should be researching what are called “tunnel tents” because this is all you will really need.  They are light weight and durable and provide the shelter that you will need.  For the individual, a “tunnel tent” is the best option.

If you are planning to bug out with a group of two or more, then the best bug out bag shelter option is going to be a “dome tent.”  Anything larger than this will be too big and bulky to be carried on your back.

Only you will be able to determine which tent will work best for the area in which you live.  If you live in an area that is hot in the summer and 30 below zero in the winter…you will need to have a tent that works in either temperature.  You always need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  I have read that some people say a winter tent is too hot in the summer, but I have an opinion that goes back to the cost aspect.  What I mean by this is that you have to purchase what you can afford and you will not die in a warm tent, but you will die in a freezing tent.  My suggestion is simple:  Get what you can afford and get what will work in the extreme of your climate during the year.

The weight of your shelter for your bug out bag goes hand in hand with cost and size.  If you cannot afford an expensive lightweight tent than it would be better for you to have what you can afford…than to have noting at all.  In this category you will need to determine how much the tent weighs, and how large it would be on your back.  Will you carry the load yourself, or will you split it up if you are in a large group?  What you need to understand is that what you use will have to be durable, and portable.  This means the load has to be one that you can carry on your back.

In Conclusion
It all comes down to affordability and then actually pulling the trigger and making a purchase.  It is better for a person to make a choice than to do nothing at all.  I spoke to a person yesterday that said he has been “researching” which tent to get for months and has yet to decide.  The point is that it is better to make a choice than it is to be paralyzed and do nothing.  A person would be better off having what they could afford than having nothing at all if the need suddenly appeared.

The decision is simple….get what you can afford.  If you are a single person get a “tunnel tent.”  If you are a group, then get a “dome tent.”  Beyond that it will all come down to just being ready.  If you wait and get nothing while evaluating this and that…it will be like so many other things that go undone in your life.  (Click Here For Tent Selections)

Make a decision and get some shelter that you can store and carry with your bug out bag.  It would be much better to have a bug out bag shelter than to have nothing and sitting in the cold rain wishing you did something.  It would be better to have a $120.00 tent than to be sitting in the cold, or the rain, because you were saving up for the biggest and the baddest tent known to mankind.  Get started and get what you can afford to round out your bug out bag, and then if needed you can come back at a later date to improve.

That is if you have that opportunity…and the world as you know it does not end in the meantime.

Tents Of Superior Quality

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If you have any questions regarding the content in this website, about the products that are mentioned, or just any questions at all don’t hesitate to contact me at the following address. I’d also love to hear any feedback on the site if you’ve found it helpful or have some ideas about how I can improve the site in some way.

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Best Water Re-Supply For Your Bug Out Bag

If you have landed on this website looking for information as to stocking your bug out bag with the best water supply you can figure out it is strongly suggested you understand the basics of what it really takes, in theory, as to what stocking your bug out bag with water is all about.  To truly prepare for a bug out crisis you will need to realize that stocking your bug out bag requires an understanding of the concept that you will need to carry a supply that is limitless because you simply do not know how long you will need to survive with the contents on your back.  Since you cannot pack a limitless supply of water in your bug out bag you will need to come up with the next best thing.

This article is about how to compliment your water supply in your bug out bag, but before you read this I STRONGLY suggest you refer back to the article that describes the overall strategy that has gotten you to the point of needing to break into your random water supply.   Before you proceed any further with this essay, please refer bag to an earlier article, which is a preface to the overall strategy that has gotten us to this point of stocking our bug out bag with water.  (Click Here For Article: Water For A Bug Out Bag)

If you are looking for the best water filtration system to compliment your bug out bag there is really only one choice in the world. The Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter is hands down the best, the most reliable and the longest lasting system you will be able to find. will last for years and can be easily cleaned while “out in the world” and can quickly supply water from any clear, fresh water supply.  It is lightweight, portable and can easily fit inside your bug out bag.  The cost may seem more expensive than other filters, but that is not really comparing this Katadyn Water Filter to something that is in its class of water filters.

It has a silver-impregnated ceramic element is effective against bacteria and protozoa and can be used over and over again simply by cleaning it every now and then, even if you are outside in the elements.  This filter has been hailed by 1,000’s as the absolute best source of fresh water, and it will fit into your bug out bag with ease.  Simply because of its design you will be able to carry it with you and be ready to meet the need of water over and over for not only yourself, but those in your group.

If you are forced to bug out with only what you can carry on your bag, and consider yourself someone who wants to be ready for whatever comes your way then you will see that this could be the single most important item you place in your bag.  A single Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter will be able to filter all microorganisms larger than 0.2 microns to produce clear, drinkable water.  Katadyn does offer other water filtration systems, but there is nothing they offer that can compare to the durability, endurance this offers.

If you are looking to put only the needed essentials into your bug out bag then you will quickly recognize that this is your best option because, with it, random water resupply will easily become a non-issues so you will be more able to focus your needs of security, and other factors that will consume the survival you will be seeking.

The Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter is the most light weight and durable portable system and will outlast other filters by not just days…but by months.  If you are looking to stock your bug out bag with the best option available then you owe it to yourself, and your group, to check out this option because it can literally save lives in a bug out bag situation.

Check Out The Stats On The Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter

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Basic Needs For Survival: Rule of 3’s In Your Home

Basic Needs For Survival Rule of 3's In Your HomeWe have all seen the news reports of major storms approaching, and homes being wiped away and people standing out in what was once the street with nothing but the clothing on their back.  All too often the world changes suddenly and mothers and fathers find themselves woefully unprepared for the harsh realities of survival once the convenience of modern society is brushed away.  The over-riding theme of this entire website is survival, but not for the person that finds themselves stuck on a mountain range, or dropped off in a desert.  The crux of what you need to understand is that there is a much greater chance that a person will find themselves hunkered down in their homes with no power and no resupply on the way.

We have all seen storms hit America and everyone in the neighboring states rushes in to provide aid and relief…but what if the destruction were so wide-spread that the aid and relief took months to arrive, or never came at all.  The question I am poising to you is how well would you fare if at this very second….the only things you brought to the survival table were the things that you had in your home at this very second?  How much water do you have stored?  How much food do you have stocked up?  Do you have warm clothing for when the weather changes?  Do you have children, and are they going to be provided with food and water?  How will you cope when they are hungry?  How will you cope when some other Dad comes “knocking” at your home because their child is hungry?

I am not advocating that the is world ending, because it does not take the end of the world for the reality of your world to change in the course of a few mere hours.  Today you can stroll to the store and purchase any, and all of the basic needs…but what about tomorrow?  What if the economy collapsed or there was a massive terrorist attack?  What if tomorrow the only water you had available to you was the water in your toilet because you were so unprepared and thought that water naturally arrived at your sink?

As with the wilderness, there is the Rule of 3’s for survival in a city, or in the suburbs where you reside.  The reality is that the more densely packed your population, the more you need to prepare for the day your reality may change.  A small amount of preparation today can literally save your life tomorrow.  The preparation I speak of does not mean a major expenditure all at once, it means the metered and methodical gathering of the essentials needed to ensure survival when the basic needs are no longer being provided by society.

The Rule of 3’s for Survival are the same anywhere…but if you live in a home they need to be adapted for your individual needs and circumstances.  If you are interested in preparing your home for a survival situation you need to understand that there will be two completely different sets of survival mode that you will need to prepare.  The two different types are simply broken down to help will come, or help will not come for a long time…if ever.  Since this essay is only about the type of emergency where help will eventually arrive…let’s talk about the basic needs for survival rule of 3’s for your home.

What you need to know is that a person can live without the following for only a very short period of time.  The generally accepted periods of time a person can live is noted below.

  • Air             (3 Minutes)
  • Shelter       (3 Hours)
  • Water        (3 Days)
  • Food           (3 Weeks)

For all of the level-headed people reading this that are smirking that I would include “air” as what is needed to survive, but I am writing this to make you spend at least a few moments on the subject.  I do this because we all take air for granted, but it is the one thing that messes up many people in survival situations.  One of the most common issues is what happens in a home when there is no electricity which means there is often no way to warm the house, and to cook the food.  I leave this small paragraph here to ensure everyone understands that if you cook in your house with a barbecue…the dang thing is too dangerous for even to be used in a well-ventilated area inside your home.  If you do…your air will be something you will miss as you die slowly in an induced sleep.

You need to pay attention to the dumb things people will do in times of emergency.  Children with candles,  cold spouses with the stove and barbecue cooking in the kitchen are but a few of the things that can happen during extraordinary circumstances that all can quickly make you lose your 3 minutes of air.

Urban survival is very different from needing to survive out in the wilderness.  Since you are hunkered down in your home you will have access to all the things that you have at arm’s length.  The problem is that most Americans do not prepare, and when tragedy strikes they are ill prepared even in their homes.  If you are looking to prepare yourself, and your family for spending an extended period of time in your home the fact that your home is your shelter is very, very convenient.  As you start to think of the things you need to store you simply need to build up your supply over time, which can be very gradual.

What I have learned is that it is very easy to just start incorporating your survival needs right into the things that you already purchase.  The basic list of survival items you will need to have to last one month in your home.  Of course these will vary by your location, but listed below are the basics you will need to live a relatively comfortable time while waiting for civilization to restore order to water, power and all of the other basics we take for granted.  Below is a list of the things you should have on hand at all times to maximize the shelter that is around you…which is your home.

  • Generator
    Your shelter may need another source of power to run the freezer and the washer and dryer and portable heaters, or window air conditioners.  The price of these will vary greatly and can be researched easily.  (Generator Cost Information) It will also be suggested that you purchase a strong lock and chain as generators go missing even in the well-to-do suburbs.  It is a good idea to chain your generator down and not fall prey to someone who leaves an old lawn mower running to mask the fact they stole your power source.  What you need to understand about the smaller portable generators is they are meant to power only a few appliances, and not the entire home.It would also be a good idea to consider small portable heaters and air-conditioners that the generator could power.  If you live in a hot, or clod climate it would be very practical to simply heat or cool a single bedroom to ensure the comfort and safety of those you love.  A single small generator would be enough to power the essentials on a as-needed basis throughout the day.  You power the freezer to keep the food frozen and then switch to the washing machine if needed.  Simply having the power available will make a huge difference in the safety and the comfort of yourself and your family.  Of course fuel supply is another issue…but that will be a separate article.
  • Self-Powered Radio
    It is essential to have a self-powered radio in your home.  I do not need to state the obvious but having one of these is fundamental and needs very little discussion because keeping informed can be, and would be essential to understanding how far you will need to stretch your supplies to ensure you are rationing the essentials as needed.  A NOAA weather radio is good, but you should also have a radio that picks up “normal” stations also.
  • Flashlights
    You will need to have a flashlight for each member residing in your shelter.  If you have children this can be expensive, so you may want to have available many inexpensive versions and retain the high quality flashlights for the adults.  It is foolish to fumble around in the dark, and even more foolish to not know where they are when needed.  You are strongly urged to access the location and functionality of your flashlights because they may be needed to function on a moments notice.
  • Batteries
    Batteries will be the first thing to go when there is impending disaster.  You need to have a fresh supply.  Do not be the person that fumbles in the dark only to find a drawer of flashlights that have no power because all of the batteries are old.  Rotating through your batteries should be done at least once a year.  A great time to stock up is during Christmas when they go on sale.
  • Other Basics
    It should go without saying that you will need to ensure that you have adequate clothing in your home.  Given your home is your shelter this more than likely has already been done as a matter of default.

Having water on hand is very often an issue for most homes when disaster strikes.  This is because we, as a people, have become so used to just turning on the sink, or flushing the toilet that we think the source is always going to be there.  The truth is that because of the necessity of water, and the bulkiness of it’s size…water is all too often not available in the quantity needed when disaster strikes.

If you no longer have water you will soon realize how foolish you were to not prepare in advance.  When I say to store water I want you to realize you will need it to drink, wash and flush.  You use more water than you realize and the time to acknowledge that is not when you have no more!

Water Bottle Being Stored In My Spare RoomIf are foolish enough to wait until a calamity approaches, you should fill up ALL bathtubs and safeguard them so no toddler drowns.  You should turn off the power to your water heater and then use that as a supply by draining it from the tank.  If you are trying to plan ahead you merely need to start gathering water bottles on your routine grocery stops.

You should have cases of drinking water stored somewhere in your home at all times.  There is no excuse for not have the life-giving source of water available at any time because if you have no water…you have no life.  A good rule of thumb is to have AT LEAST one gallon of water per person, per day for 30 days.

For those that have space constraints it is very easy to turn your bathtub in a very inexpensive emergency drinking water storage tank which is simple to do and sets up in moments before a storm arrives.  It turns your bath tub into a water supply that you can safely drink.  If you have more than on bath simply fill the tub of water to flush the toiler and use the second bath for drinking water.  Just make sure no small children will drown.

Water is essential to your survival, so do not take it for granted because without it life is miserable and will not last long.


Preparing for an emergency by storing food in one of the things that catch many people by surprise.  Since most people do not plan for more than a few days it is not surprising that they get caught racing to the supermarket only to find thousands of other people have already been there.  As with all things preparation this does not have to be a great expense, and can be done over time.  The easiest way to prepare is to just by more than needed canned good items when you go shopping.  Bring home extra cans of food items that can be segregated in the cabinets.  Get extra cans of tuna, Dinty Moore or whatever suits your fancy.

The problem with gathering food storage by simply gathering extra cans of food is that it becomes a “hit and miss” type of approach and although having some is better than none…there is a better way.  Although it is admirable, and suggested to gather extra cans of food it is highly encouraged that you simply spend the money and get yourself dedicated food supplies that have up to a 25 year shelf life.  By ordering simple food supplies it becomes an accountable supply that will be sealed until it is needed.

Ordering dedicated food storage will ensure that not only is the food present but the nutrition will also be present.  By ordering enough meals to be stored away for each family member to survive is really not an expensive proposition now, but later the cost could be unbearable.  Imagine how horrible it would be if your family were hungry and there was just nothing to be had because there was no preparation made.

In Closing
I want you to get up from your computer and analyze your current situation.  What if the world as you know it ended tonight.  What if you woke up tomorrow to a new world and had only what was currently in your home?  How long would you, and your family survive if there were no more water?  Food?  Fuel?

How long would it take before you would be forced to venture out into what used to be society and start competing with the millions of others that did not do any preparation at all?

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Flashlights For Preppers

Flashlights for preppersChoosing the best flashlight for Preppers can be somewhat difficult because there are so many flashlights on the market.  A main point I wish to discuss about purchasing a flashlight for prepping is that you need to separate the flashlights you obtain from the casual supply that is around your home, or office.  If you have children in the mix you know how difficult it can be to do this since they often simply go missing.  When you decide to fill your flashlights for prepping you should segregate them in a place that does not allow access on an as needed basis.

Your prepper flashlights should not be the ones you keep in the kitchen drawer, or on the nightstand.  Whatever flashlights you decide to purchase for prepping need to be stowed away in your bug out bag, or in some easily accessible, but not easily available location that prohibits them from being used for the minor annoyances that appear in the home when the lights go off for brief periods of time.  As you search for the perfect flashlight, for your prepping arsenal, you need to ensure they are only to be used when everything goes to heck….and I mean everything.  This is the paradox that exists.

The flashlights need to be easily accessible, and available if needed…but not too easy that they are used during simple power outages.  For those minor occurrences you simply need to have a secondary supply that are used, while leaving the prepper flashlights for legitimate emergencies.  They need to be easily available but refrained from use..ALMOST AS IF THEY ARE SACRED.

When planning your selections for your prepping flashlights there are really not that many to choose from because it will really come down to your budget, or how much money you are willing to spend.  In this article we will only discuss flashlights and we will not really discuss batteries, which is a different subject entirely.

As you are planning your flashlights for bugging out, or hunkering down,there is really little difference in selection other than weight and size.  As you are well aware when bugging out you are concerned with size and weight, but with hunkering down in your home or bunker the need to be concerned with size and weight is greatly diminished.  This section will simply list the pros and cons of different flashlight selections.  You will (obviously) have to make the selection of what will work for your choices.

It is highly recommended that a flashlight of a “tactical” size and weight be included in your preparation plans because it is light weight, durable and will not become too heavy of a burden if you find yourself bugging out and walking for days on end.  If a person were to carry a flashlight that is heavier it could become an issue when the weight of all the other items in the bag are combined.  The rule of bug out bags is that the TOTAL weight is to be NO MORE than 25% of a person’s body weight.

When looking to have a larger flashlight you need to realize that bigger is not always better, and size really does not matter that much.  The only mention of size must also include a very brief diversion into batteries.  I am not considering anything more than the number of batteries it takes to use the flashlight you are choosing.  It is strongly suggested that the flashlight chosen uses the same TYPE of battery as other equipment being chosen.  It makes very little sense to stock a single 9-volt flashlight while all other equipment needs AA or AAA, or D batteries.  The fewer batteries that need to be stockpiled, the better prepared your survival plan will be to maintain.

Since we are trying to maintain a common “theme” of batteries we are only considering those flashlights that are of the A, or the D-type.  I only recommend D cell flashlights for home or hunkering down use and never for a bug out bag, as they are too heavy and bulky.  When planning to prepare your home, or bunker, it is strongly suggested you consider the exact opposite of what determines a good choice for a bug out bag.  I say this because when considering a flashlight for home hunkering down…added weight is not going to be a concern and actually can be used as a benefit.  I say this because if you encounter an unexpected intruder your flashlight can easily be used as a weapon to fend off an assault.

Small Tactical Flashlight
Everyone that is looking to purchase a decent flashlight, that can be considered tactical, should look at those manufactured by Streamlight.  They offer very reasonably priced high quality flashlights that are not only durable, but also maintain a bright and focused light beam.  The on-off switch on any of these flashlights will not become a problem, which is always an issue in cheap flashlights.  If I had to choose only one of the flashlights to place in my bug out bag it would be the one pictured to the left.

The Streamlight 88031 Protac Tactical Flashlight maintains a 5 star review with hundreds of users.  This flashlight offers LED technology, is light weight and can easily be carried on your belt or in a pocket.  This flashlight has been chosen as a great flashlight for preppers because the price is affordable, and the quality is outstanding.  This model is very easy to use with handguns, and yet is durable enough to be carried on your belt for months, or years with minimal care.

Without going into lumen information I will simply state that the cost of this flashlight is well worth the end result.  The unit is lightweight, durable and offers a bright enough light to get done what needs to be done in total darkness.  It is dependable and comes highly endorsed as a “best buy” among many preppers that have purchased the unit.

Never confuse the separate need for a bug out flashlight with a flashlight for staying put in a hunkering down, or staying put situation. Selection: Streamlight

Hunkering Down Flashlight

When hunkering down there is no need to worry about a flashlight being light weight because the kitchen, or the barn is not going to be so far away that the added weight will wear you down physically.  My choice for a flashlight at home is always going to be the MagLite for obvious reasons.  It is always dependable and the weight makes it formidable to use in either an offensive or defensive situation.

In closing…if you find Streamlight flashlights too expensive then the next best choice is consistently going to be a MagLite.  They are durable, dependable and without exception moderately priced.  Also, depending on the time of year you are reading this I want to digress and inform you that if it during the holiday shopping season Lowe’s has had MagLites in their Black-Friday sales paper for the last 10 years straight. You can order them only at 12:01 AM the Friday after Thanksgiving for the best price anywhere.

Whatever you decide to do with your selection for your flashlights for prepping I want you to simply consider

  • Dependability….storing a cheap flashlight makes no sense to not having it operate well when you need it
  • Keeping battery selection uniform with your other equipment and the size and weight for bugging out, or hunkering down.
  • Size and weight for bugging out
  • Size and weight for hunkering down and being able to use for self defense
  • Segregate your flashlights for prepping from those that you use everyday

It is strongly suggested that you ensure your flashlight selection is at the top of the list for decisions that need to be made for your prepper plan.  Since everyday brings a night….you will definitely need at least one no matter what happens, or where you go.  Flashlights for Preppers is like water is to fish…because one does not do very well without the other.

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America is in Trouble….

government_collageFor anyone paying attention it is easy to notice that America is in trouble.  If you understand that the United States Constitution is NOT a living breathing document… then you get it, and might be interested in what I have to say.

If you turn on the television lately you may have noticed that the title of “Boob Tube” is now more precise (of a title) than it ever has been in American history.  As The Dark Angel, in his books, calls it… ‘Vaginal Dribble’ which is a very precise name for what it really is.  In fact, here is a great link to an article posted by The Dark Angel that sums up rather nicely what a mess American media is today. ( And Speaking of the Media…)  The problem with American media today is that it is a classic bait and switch tactic that is being used with impunity, and incessantly, by the forces that want to wash away the very foundation America has stood firmly on for over 200 years.

What we are seeing on television today, and all of the media outlets, is simply a shell game.  The masses of morons (mainstream Americans) are so fascinated by the divisions that are sprouting up all over the place.  The gays, the anti-gays, the racist cops, the evil corporations, the escaped prisoners, the next latest and greatest useless piece of shit news story that will attract the masses like bugs to a bright light.  In fact, the bright light is a very good analogy because the end result is the same for bugs, as it is for America.  Both will be dead.

I do not care if you are Republican, Democrat…. or whatever… the reality is that the things that make America great are fading fast.  The toilet water is swirling and the very values that we, as Americans hold dear may soon be gone for good.  I am not here to tell you some feel good, motivating story to make you believe there is hope… because frankly… I think we, as a nation have turned a corner… it is just that we do not realize we are lost yet.

What we, as a nation must realize is that currently our culture is not contributing anything worthwhile to the world anymore.  We do not build big things, we do not make bold leaps into science anymore… and we surely no longer write good meaningful literary books.   We, as a nation, are a vacuum of bullshit that has little to offer the world’s stage of relevancy.  This is because we are so embroiled with what celebrities are doing… with who is on Dance With the Stars…. we are so busy being Mexican Americans, Afro Americans… and on and on and on… that we have forgotten that this nation is the one nation in the world where the masses could come and be free to do what they wanted to do…  to be safe… to be able to feed yourself and your family.  A place to come to be better.

Who would have ever guessed that the majority of  people coming to America would want to came here to destroy what is here?

What is the answer?

It really is quite simple… but to do it is the hard part.  But you wanted to know… so here it goes….


That’s it… as simple as that.  Vote with your money.   As things go in America today.. one thing never changed.  Vote with your money.

By NOT watching the Vaginal Dribble that is on TV… the major networks will have to change.  By NOT watching FOX News, or CNN, or MSNBC…. a new organization would be provided fertile ground to survive.  This is why so many sprout-ups are appearing all over the Internet.  This is why the Internet is so dangerous to those that seek harm to whatever nation they are seeking to depose.  The Internet is a place where the playing field is leveled.

I used to just watch the news.  I use to believe I was watching something that presented the news on a level playing field.  Then I realized that was not true… so I turned to Fox News.  Now I realize that Fox News is just the other side of the same coin.  Now I realize that I have to be able to pay attention to the unfocused mass of stuff that comes unfiltered to my computer via the Internet.

The world is a mess guys!  America is like a turd that won’t flush…

I would say that if Americans do not wake up soon… there will be no America left… but if I asked the question of what to do… just who would I ask?  Where would I go to ask it?

The unfocused loud noises that everyone hears is why we are in trouble.  The volume of factions fighting, the volume of ‘Vaginal Dribble’ that is flowing from the media is so loud… the ones that need to be heard… are just part of the noise.

What should you, as an American do?  The answer is simple….

Prepare yourself, and your family for some shit times… because things really do not look so good… and the economics that has always saved America is no longer there.

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