Batteries For Preppers

Batteries For PreppersBatteries for preppers is something that many people pay attention to…but do not really think about too much.  The reason I say this because everyone plans to need batteries, but all too often most people get caught up at the last-minute frantically like everyone else.  In an effort to ensure you have the information you need concerning your best option for batteries, I want to go over the basics that need to be adhered to as you plan your path to being prepared for the unknown.

The first thing you need to do is separate your plan the two types of battery preparation plans you need to be considering.  What I mean by this is that everyone should be considering a short-term survival plan, and a long-term survival plan for the use of their equipment that requires batteries to operate.  Before we even get into which type of batteries need to be used, we need to stress that you really should limit the variety of batteries that will be gathered.

Do not gather survival equipment that will force you to save a large variety of batteries.  In your equipment plan it is strongly suggested that you stick with “AA” batteries and “D” batteries.  By limiting the variety of batteries it will allow you to maintain a much easier level of battery management.    It would be horrible to find oneself in a critical situation and needing 4 (or more) types of batteries, and having no resupply.

As you start gathering the information you need to get your batteries ready for prepping, you also need to consider the two different plans you need to think about.  Simply put you will need one plan for hunkering down and a second plan for bugging out.  One factor that you need to determine is what battery type will work best in cold weather, if that is going to be an issue in your life.  Since we do not know when an emergency will arise it is best to always prepare for coldest weather that can happen in the area where you reside.

Batteries For Hunkering Down
For the equipment you will be hunkering down with there is no problem with using “D” cell batteries since weight is not a concern.  Because you will not be walking with the batteries…”D” cells will work out just fine.  As long as the equipment that you intend to use at home is not the same equipment you will be using if you bug out there will be no problems.  Since “D” cell batteries are so heavy, you will need to evaluate what you use at home and what you will take with you.  If you have old radios that use “D” cell batteries…then by all means use them at home and ensure you have enough batteries to keep them powered for at least one month of use.  The last thing you will want to be doing during short-lived situations is constantly hand cranking your charger for battery life.

Batteries For Bugging Out
Bugging out will require you to make sure the batteries are all of the same type and also as light weight as possible.  To do this the best option will be “AA” batteries because they can be used in most equipment and are much lighter than their counter parts.  As you already know, weight is the humbling factor in carrying a load long distances.  There is no need to carry the weight of heavy batteries when it is much smarter to simply carry a larger quantity of smaller batteries to do the same job.

Now that we have discussed some battery basis, let’s look at the different types of batteries that are available.  As you look to the shelf to purchase your batteries I want you to pay attention to what you are actually planning on purchasing.  The title written on each battery really is important and should be paid attention to before spending any money.

Primary Cell Batteries
Single use, disposable. The most common types of primary cell batteries are Heavy-Duty and Alkaline. Lithium primary cell batteries are also available but can’t always be used in devices that usually take Alkaline or Heavy-Duty. The difference between them is in the charge. Lithium primary cells put out 3 volts rather than the 1.5 volts produced by Heavy-Duty and Alkaline cells. If you choose to use Lithium primary cells, look for the 1.5 volt versions to preserve your battery-powered devices.

Rechargeable cells
Rechargeable cells are just that – rechargeable. The 3 versions of rechargeable cells include NiMH, NiCd and Lithium-ion. NiCd cells are the oldest of the three technologies; NiMH are the most common; and Lithium-ion is the newest.

Heavy Duty Batteries
Avoid these batteries at all costs, because they really are the worst type available.  They are cheap, but you get what you pay for as they do not last long and their performance leaves much to be desired.

Alkaline Batteries
These batteries are ALWAYS a single use battery and are your best value for the money being spent.  They will work well for everyday use, and as long as you have enough of them on hand they will be great for hunkering down and also for the initial stage of bugging out.  You should use these batteries as “throw-away” batteries simply because they are so cost-effective.

Litium (primary) Batteries
Although these single use batteries are expensive, they do perform well in the areas of performance and capacity.  Very good for use in very cold temperatures.

Overll this is the type of battery you should be looking for each and every time you purchase equipment so you can match needs with the best battery type available.  With proper charging techniques this type of battery should be function-able for about 5 years.  This category of batteries is reasonably priced and worth the money spent because of all their positive qualities.   Preppers often look this type for when preparing for the unknown void of the future.  Proper care includes sucking them dry every month or so and storing them in a cool place.  They are decent performers in cold weather, but not as good as Litium.

This battery type is high maintenance and not worth the expense.  After less than a year their performance degrades and disappoints.

Quick Comparison

Cell Type Shelf Life Capacity Sizes Available Cycles Cold Weather Performance
Heavy-Duty 8+ Years Low AAA AA C D 9V 1 Poor
Alkaline 8+ Years Medium AAA AA C D 9V 1 Poor
Lithium (Primary) 15+ Years High AAA AA C D 1 Excellent
NiCd 3 Months Low AAA AA C D 9V 1-2K Good
NiMH 2 Months Medium AAA AA C D 9V 500-800 Poor
Lithium-ion 6 Months High R123A Other Related Sizes 300-500 Excellent


The last thing you should be aware of is how to store your batteries, once you have them.  Here are some basic facts to know on how to best store your batteries.

Guidelines for Storing Batteries

  • Storage will always cause batteries to age
  • The recommended storage temperature for most batteries is 59°F
  • Avoid freezing. Batteries freeze more easily if in discharged state  (This is fact, other websites often get this wrong)
  • DO practice proper battery storage by keeping batteries in a cool, dry place at normal room temperature. It is not necessary to store batteries in a refrigerator
  • DO remove all batteries from the device at the same time and replace them with new batteries of the same size and type
  • Primary batteries store well. (Alkaline and primary lithium batteries can be stored for 10 years with moderate loss capacity)
  • Remove batteries from the equipment and store in a dry and cool place
  • Lithium-ion must be stored in a charged state, ideally 40 percent. This assures that the battery will not drop below 2.50V/cell with self-discharge and fall asleep

Whatever you decide to do just do not wait until the hoard of frenzied, unprepared masses are ransacking the shelves. The time to prepare is now, before the “stuff” hits the fan. You need to prepare now and with that concept you really should plan your equipment before you plan your battery supply.  Simply make sure you have the equipment to hunker down and to bug out.  Once you have the equipment the batteries merely come down to which type will work best for your situation and then getting them.

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Preppers Are Stupid, Dumb and Weird

Preppers Are Stupid, Dumb and WeirdMost of the main street in America think that preppers are stupid, dumb, weird….or all of the above.  I say this because of the television show that consistently presents preppers in a way that makes them seem like they are on the lunatic fringe.   We are shown a constant stream of images of people practicing things that make no sense in today’s world, where there is relative peace and tranquility.  Many people think that preppers are lunatics, or crazy, or at a minimum weird…or all of the above.  Let’s face it….the things we are shown them doing are not what the average person even thinks about.

I personally think that the most stupid thing the preppers do on the television show is allow their story to be told on public television.  It makes no sense that the preppers spend literally thousands of dollars to prepare only to tell the world what they are doing to get ready for end days.  I think it is foolish for preppers to discuss what they do at all, and I believe there is a massive group of preppers in this country that will remain anonymous for all time.  Preppers that announce to the world their intentions of preparing is about as stupid a thing to do as anything I could imagine.

I mention this issue of stupidity because it is not hard to Google any variation of Doomsday prepper (ie; prepper raided by FBI, or police) and see all of the results that appear.  Most people maintain an opinion formed by the images they see materialize on their television screen.  To the average drone citizen preppers are those people that do insane things to prepare for some event that could never possibly happen in America.  This formulated opinion is not by accident…it is by design.

What most people do not realize is that preppers are, for the most part, not crazy and definitely not dangerous.  The reason I say this is because they are only preparing for a danger that will come to them, all-the-while preparing to be 100% self-sufficient.  I could never understand why a person would be considered weird, stupid or even dangerous because they are preparing themselves for a time when the comforts of life are no longer available.

The real stupidity is for a person to think that there is always going to be a signal for their smart phone, and the government is really looking out for their welfare.  I say this because the United States government is really the ultimate prepper and “they” are doing it right under the noses of the population.  (That would be you!)

Do not think for a moment that every elected official in Washington D.C. does not have a bed, in some bunker, with their name on it.  Do not think for even a split second that if there were to be some major event that changed the landscape across America that everyone in Washington D.C. from the President, on down will not have a place to call their own.  They will have food, water and everything else they need to survive.

In reality…the same government that tells us to not worry…is actually prepared in ways that even the most seasoned prepper could only fantasize about being.  In fact the United States government is the ultimate prepper.  The only difference between that fact, and the T.V. show is that they have the unlimited resources of money being supplied by the very same people who are told they should not really worry about anything.

Are preppers stupid, dumb or weird?  No…I do not think so….because stockpiling the essentials is anything but stupid.  It only becomes stupid when you get on national television to broadcast what you are doing, and allowing some T.V. show to edit it in such a way that it makes you seem like a paranoid, gun-toting nut job that runs around in the dark playing war games with gas masks.

The short of it is that if the stockpiles of the individual prepper are never used….it is no big deal.  If the stockpiles of the individual prepper are ever needed…then those that were not “fortunate” enough to prepare will get very hungry…and hunger without food causes desperate actions.  If those that were without food  became desperate what would prevent them from taking what they needed from those that prepared?

Simple answer?…..I will let you answer that question. Long Term Food Storage

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Strike Anywhere Matches

Strike Anywhere MatchesIf you are thinking of getting some Strike Anywhere Matches for your survival kit, or bug out bag, you no doubt are surprised to find they are not on the shelves in any store you have visited.  Even though Strike Anywhere Matches have been around well over 100 years, it is not until recently they were removed from shelves across America.  Today you will not find Strike Anywhere Matches any place, but online.  There are many opinions for why you will not be able to purchase Strike Anywhere Matches in stores, so here are some quick facts about the availability of Strike Anywhere Matches.

  • A Fire Hazard
    Some people think they do not sell Strike Anywhere Matches in stores because they are a fire hazard.  In reality this is quite an ignorant statement because if a person thought that ANY matches were not a fire hazard, they would be wrong. The theory that ANY match was NOT a fire hazard is really not the brightest statement, and if that were true…matches of any kind would not be available in stores.
  • Illegal in Certain States
    Strike Anywhere Matches have a rumor floating around that they are classified illegal in certain areas, or states.  This is a rumor, it is not true.
  • Used To Make Drugs, or Bombs
    This also is another myth that is floating all over the web, and there is no basis in fact.
  • Not Cost Effective
    As with virtually everything in society, it all comes down to money.  The simple truth with Strike Anywhere Matches is that they are not in the demand required for stores to devote shelf space to them.  I have no doubt that if demand were to increase…we would be able to find Strike Anywhere Matches in every store that sold a product line that stocks the type of objects like matches.  In fact, if demand were to increase there would be a section right next to the safety match section for Strike Anywhere Matches.It all comes down to the fact that Strike Anywhere Matches are not in stores today because there simply is NOT enough consumer demand to make it profitable to devote coveted shelf space for the product.  Most Americans want safety matches, and avoid Strike Anywhere Matches.  As with anything…it all comes down to money.

Now that we have established that Strike Anywhere Matches are not available in Wal-Mart, K-Mart or any other brick and mortar retail store, we have to also acknowledge that the cost is going to be somewhat higher than the matches you find on the shelves of your local store.  The real question is whether or not it is worth spending the time, and money to purchase Strike Anywhere Matches for your bug out bag, or any other basic survival needs.

Are Strike Anywhere Matches Essential?
The quick answer to this question is “yes” and it can be explained on a few different levels.  The reasons for this quick answer are as follows;

Safety Matches Can Be Too SafeMRE Humidity Resistant Matches
Safety matches are made to be safe.  What most people do not understand is that for a safety match to function, there has to be a chemical reaction with the strip that has been placed somewhere outside the box.  To the uneducated it may appear as if the strip lights the match because of friction, but this is not the case.  The ONLY reason why safety matches light is because there is a chemical reaction when the strip is scraped with the match.  Without this chemical reaction, there would be no ignition, and no flame.

The reality is that not only do you need to keep the matches dry and away from humidity, you need to keep the strip away from humidity also.  The United States Military has acknowledged this fact through the use of humidity resistant matches included, in the MRE rations. As anyone who ever served in the military, and has used the matches pictured to the left, it is known they too succumb to the elements in a brief period of time.

The need for fire, in a survival situation, should be at the top of your list.  I can only imagine how lousy it would feel to be out in the cold night air with no way to warm up, or dry your wet clothing.  I can only imagine how much a person would be willing to spend on a box of Strike Anywhere Matches if the temperature was just 40 degrees and they had wet clothing, and no matches.  What would it be like to eat cold food during that same night?

The truth is that it is essential to acquire and have Strike Anywhere Matches in your bug out bag, and other basic survival storage simply because they are more dependable.  It is suggested that you keep the Strike Anywhere Matches sealed in their original plastic wrapping until needed.  If you open the matches it is best to store them in a sealed glass jar with a metal lid.

You will not be able to get Strike Anywhere Matches in stores, so just suck it up and get some online and hope you will never need them.  If you ever do need them they will be worth their weight in gold because fire has been essential to survival as long as people have struggled to survive.

Browse Strike Anywhere Matches Online

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Wise Food Review

WIse Food ReviewWise Food Supply is the full name of Wise Food..and it is my goal to provide you a review for this organization as seen from the “eyes” of a person that has not only used their food, but also understands a thing or two about food storage preparation.  This Wise Food review is simply a personal report of what can be expected if you decide to order from this organization.  As a criteria for this essay I simply want to discuss if what is received is a fair value for what is purchased.  I ordered food from them, and I also have used the food.  You may have heard of them on the show “Doomsday Preppers.”

I have never been in a situation here where a weather-related storm came in and wiped out my food supply.  What I will say is that what I ordered from Wise Food Supply came in quite handy because of my economic situation.  I used to have a decent job and used to earn some decent money.  What has happened is that the jobs (jobs of any substance) have dried up and without a job it became increasingly more difficult to pay my bills.  The survival situation I speak of is that of the economic ruin of my personal life because of the current political environment in Washington D.C.

It may seem odd to write a Wise Food Supply review because of the political climate in America…but I do not think I am alone….so here it goes…

I woke up one day and my financial world started to collapse in on itself.  The rules and regulations forced more and more business to evaporate.  It is almost as if the desires of the American political process want business to go away…because that is what happened to me.  Since I am not one to accept “FREE” food and such from Uncle Sam…I had to rely on myself.  My personal savings has been enough to keep the bank from taking back my home, but paying all of the other day-to-day bills has been a challenge…to say the least.  I never thought that my Wise Food storage was going to be used to simply survive in my home because I was having difficulty weathering the current climate in Washington.

Along the path of my financial destruction I needed to minimize my expenses to compensate for the lack of income, since my job was shipped overseas.  Since my profession is no longer available to me…I have had to take multiple jobs to just keep the lights on in my house.  Since money is so tight…I turned to the food storage I had saved for the future.  I just never thought that the future was going to arrive so quickly.

When I first ordered my food from Wise Food Supply I really expected it to sit out the next 25 years in the back closet, and never be used.  I tried to get by on what I could afford, like Ramon Noodle…but that did not do well at all and really was not much as a stand alone nutrition. I will never forget the day I opened up that closet door and looked at the supply and realized that the time needed to use my food stores had actually arrived.

When I realized that my life was coming down to either having a roof over my head, or food in my stomach….I decided then and there that I could do both because of the large supplies of food I stashed away for “something” to happen in the future.  I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that using my food storage was going to be able to simply be used to pay my bills and keep the roof over my head.

Although I do supplement with a few items that I can squeeze into my budget…I am shocked by the silent increase of prices at the store.  I see the cost of the essentials getting higher and higher…and yet if you watched the news it is like the news media is not watching.  Does not anyone else notice that the cost of food is becoming ridiculously expensive?  Does anyone else even notice that word “inflation” is not even being mentioned and only exists in your vocabulary?

So…how would I review Wise Food?  I will say this……when I ordered the food I never really believed I would “NEED” the food.   After-all, when I whipped out the credit card…I had a decent job that paid decent money.  During that stage of my life I had a job.  I could pay all my bills.  I could even afford to spend the exorbitant price of a movie and popcorn.  Today even that is a dream because my money is so tight a trip to the theater is out of the question.

Looking back on when I ordered my food I will say it was a non-event.  I went onto the calculator to determine how much food I was going to need to survive and I thought a four-year supply would be enough…so I ordered it. A few days later the truck showed up and I received my order.  I put the food away…and forgot about it until I realized there was no way to replace my income…as my entire profession no longer exists in America!

Looking back on the day I ordered it I wish I would have ordered more because I did not expect my son to move back in.  How could I turn him away?  Despite the fact that we are a team, and pool our resources together…life is becoming more and more expensive to just pay the property tax.  We are currently holding our own and it is because we are working multiple jobs while supplementing our eating by using the food storage we had the foresight to order.

I just wish I would have ordered a longer supply…but I am thrilled that I have the supply that I need.  We are currently doing okay and the food tastes much better than I would have ever thought it would taste.  I ate MRE’s in The Corps…and this stuff is so much better that there really is no way to compare the two.  I am thrilled I have the food because survival is now…and the future has happened.  With all this going on in my life…I still live in a neighborhood that acts as if all is well.  It is like America is asleep…and I am trapped in the dream.  My dream has turned into my reality, and I can only try my hardest to make things better.

Wise Food Supply Review
I ordered my food from Wise Food Supply.  My food arrived.  I stored my food.  I needed my food.  I started to use my food.  It tastes really good.  It is easy to use.  It is keeping us alive and actually thriving, as far as nutrition is concerned.  I am very happy that I had the foresight to order what I have….but I wish I would have ordered more than a four-year supply because I never thought he was going to be re-elected.   Now that  the election is over I do not know how much food I should have ordered because the world is even more dangerous than I would have ever guessed.

You know what I am talking about, but I omit certain phrases so as not to be “tagged” by the powers that be.  If you are out here looking for a review of Wise Food Supply I will tell you that they are simply are an organization that delivers on what they say.  You place the order, it arrives and you have food that is good for up to 25 years.  What more do you really need in a survival situation, as far as food is concerned?

How long till the next election is a good determination for a starting point for how much food is needed.  Whatever you do…do something because…ready or not the future is coming to a reality near you!

food storage calculator from My Food Long Term Food Storage

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Basic Survival Needs

Basic Survival NeedsIf you are out here looking to discover the basic survival needs you should be commended for being interested, but I also want to warn you at the same time.  I want to warn you because once you realize how large the list of items needed to survive, and the situations that you may be in…most people just get frustrated and do nothing.  My goal is to make sure that you are not one of those people who walk away and do nothing.  Basic survival needs are not that difficult to gather in times of peace and contentment, but once the stabilizing factor of society is gone….so is the ease of gathering those basic items needed to be able to survive.  The basic survival needs are easy to gather before they are needed, because only the minority are gathering the supplies needed.

Right below the surface of your awareness you already have a basic instinct of the necessities you need to survive a crisis.  Most people approach this situation of survival with the sketchy knowledge of needing water, food and warmth.  Beyond the instinctual awareness of human needs many people do little to prepare, and actually give up after making a few simple purchases over time.  What I am going to suggest to you is very simple…do not just mingle your emergency food, water and warmth supplies with your other items everyone can just reach into a drawer and use at will.  The suggestion I am making is that you create a dedicated basic survival needs plan.

One of the first things I need you to ponder is exactly what sort of event are you planning to get ready to encounter?  Since you are here researching such a simple  term as “basic survival needs” I am going to assume you are new to this, and are woefully unprepared for any sort of event.  With just starting your quest for gathering the needed essentials your basis for determining what is needed should be grounded in a time-frame.  Since you have nothing gathered right now…let’s not overwhelm ourselves with thinking about preparing for total Armageddon, and focus on a time frame of survival for one month.  Let’s just start off with the basic survival needs for one month and if you decide to move on from there you can easily transition to that plan.

To determine your basic survival needs for one month the next thing you will need to determine is how many people will you be preparing to be included in your group?  How many adults?  How many children?  How many pets or animals?  Since we are under the assumption that you are not ready to survive for 6 months, we will start with the basic survival needs.  Remember…do not get overwhelmed with the fact that you are at a starting point of next to nothing, because everyone has to start somewhere.  It is exponentially better for you to start a little at a time, than it is to have nothing when disaster strikes.

Without water…you and your loved ones are dead.  That is a very quick statement to make, and gloss over because we, as a nation think water is always going to be on just the other side of the faucet.  If that water were to be contaminated, or simply no longer there…you would have about 3 days before you would start to lose health die.  Without water you will not be able to re-hydrate, cook, wash and a host of other things you take for granted.  Without water all life ceases.  Life is so essential to life and survival that NASA sends probes to tremendously far away planets  to search out for signs of water.  If there is water, there is life.  If there is no water…there is no life.  If you do not take time to prepare to get some water storage now, and need it later, you will be just like the others who did nothing.

Carton of Water Stored under counterWhat you need to do is simply start to store more water.  I suggest a three-pronged approach.  Start by gathering extra cases of water when you go to the market.  Do not worry about where to put them because there is a place they will fit and be forgotten, until needed.  This is simply a part of your overall plan. This is only the first stage of what is needed because drinking water is not the only water you will need to survive a crisis.  It is also suggested you establish other places for water that can also be for drinking purposes.  What immediately comes to mind are the gallons of water that are in your water heater.  Just make sure you TURN OFF the water heater, so if the power ever comes on the tank does not burn up because it is empty. The water in your water heater would make a good source of drinking water, but that too may not be enough, so it is suggested you add a 3rd redundant aspect to your emergency needs.

Books: Basic Survival Needs

Since water is used to flush toilets and wash “stuff”, you should look at the availability of your bathtubs.  If you have two bathrooms, dedicate one tub to be used for water that will be used to flush toilet waste away, and sparingly used to wash “stuff” .  Use the other bathtub as the last resort supply of drinking water.  In order to convert your bathtub into a safe water supply you will need to insert a very inexpensive water bladder that is filled up before the crisis starts.  By simply taking the time and effort to fill an emergency drinking water bladder that sits in your bathtub, you will have created a place that will safely store potable water.

If a person were to simply do the three steps mentioned above it would mean that a 30 day supply of life-saving water will be available for the ones you love.  It means that if a crisis fell upon the region where you live the people you love will not only have water…they will have you because nobody will have to venture out and deal with mobs and riots and long lines.  By simply doing the three steps below…your life will be spared the misery of having to deal with a shortage of water during times of crisis.  To recap;

  1. Store cartons of water
  2. Access water heater
  3. Convert bathtubs

Just remember the critical calculation that the average person will need A MINIMUM of 1 gallon of water per day, to just get by and survive.  Pets and animals will also need to be factored into your equation.

Food is a basic survival need, and unless you are ready to go hunt or deal with the masses on the streets also searching for food, I strongly suggest you get your affairs in order before the supermarkets are nothing but a large storage building for empty shelves.  The first thing that happens is the stores have a run on everything survival related.  Since food is one of the top things to be emptied, why not simply make a 2 pronged approach toward preparation that will keep you, and your family safe during the days of crisis?  How hard would it be to be able to simply make a few minor adjustments to your shopping to build up a little supply of canned goods to get you going?

The first thing you should do is make two separate preparation calculations that run parallel.  What I mean by this is just start purchasing a few extra items every time you go to the grocery store.  Make it a rule that you never leave the store without placing a few extra cans of “something” that will safely last in your cabinets.  Beef ravioli, spam, broth, soup…the list does not take much imagination and every item you place, as an extra, will be worth its weight of gold…if the shelves in the market get emptied, like they always do during times of crisis.

The only problem with storing canned goods, for food supply in the cupboards is that they tend to get nibbled on by late-nite TV raids and scavenging teenagers.  It is also strongly suggested that you create a second supply of TOTAL BACKUP only food for times of crisis.  What I mean by this is that you will need to take all of the “fluff” out of getting your emergency food ready for your basic survival needs by establishing a dedicated standalone supply that has an extremely long shelf life, that even canned goods cannot compare to in duration.Basic Survival Needs: Food

To establish a long-term food storage is not nearly as expensive as one might think.  To make a quick comparison…you could spend UNDER $500.00 to create a supply of food for you and your spouse that would keep you comfortable for 60 days!  If you woke up tomorrow and there was no resupply of food coming…how much would you be willing to pay for food then?  The advantage of a dedicated food supply is that it is not touched, pilfered and depleted because it is just placed away from view, until needed.  In fact…teenagers and spouses have little interest in eating “that stuff” because they want other stuff.

Emergency food supply is exactly that…for emergencies, and by establishing a dedicated supply…you can purchase it and be done with preparation for 25 years…because that is how long emergency food supplies last.  Not only do they stay good tasting, they stay nutritionally viable which is the most critical factor of having food in the first place.  For your ease of preparation I have left you a link here to use to help you calculate how much food storage you will need, for your situation.

food storage calculator from My Food

By spending just a small sum of money today…you are ensuring that those that you love will not look at you with hungry eyes and empty stomachs. If you think $500.00 is too much now I want you to remember this decision if that day comes when society collapses because our lovely government could not stop printing money and created hyper-inflation. If you think this is too much to spend you remember that when you are hungry and have to venture out to find food.

As you begin to determine what you need it is suggested you start to look beyond basic food and include things like toilet paper, which EVERYONE will want to have.  The basics can run shallow, or they can run deep.  It all depends on what type of crisis you CHOOSE to prepare to deal with.

Shelter is the easiest form of preparation for most people because they have a home, or apartment that stands if left unscathed by storm or riots.  In fact, unless your dwelling is wiped out…it will more than likely provide you shelter even without power and running water.  This type of preparation also needs to have a two-pronged approach for survival.  The first is that you should be preparing to survive by hunkering down in your home, while also preparing to “bug out” on a moments notice through the creation of “bug out” bags.

To ride out a crisis in your home I strongly suggest you look for alternate sources of power.  Depending on your situation it may be feasible to simply purchase a generator, and have it ready to go when needed.  I will admit a portable generator is an expense and if money is tight, should only be considered AFTER you have met the needs of food and water preparation.  A simple and easy way to get a generator is to order one from Lowe’s or Home Depot, and have it delivered because they are so heavy.  Also, FREE delivery is quite often an option.  What I also like about ordering stuff from Lowe’s or Home Depot is that if you have an issue you just go to your local store and raise heck, and get a new one.  I know from personal experience that the squeaky wheel ALWAYS gets grease at either of the big home improvement stores.

Having an alternate source of power during a time of crisis is not essential, but it can make things much more comfortable.  Having an alternate source of power, such a generator does require more preparation (fuel and security) but with just a little more preparation…life does not have to be miserable during crisis.  When you place your portable generator outside make sure it is locked down, and a simple way to do that can be found in this link to a short, but informative video. (Video Link: How To Simply Secure Your Portable Generator)  Also, you will need to store some fuel, which is not difficult, and is the subject of another article.

It is also suggested that you keep portable heaters in your home, as well as portable air-conditioners.  Having these available to you WILL make the difference between being miserable, and being comfortable.  With one heater, or A/C you can gather your entire family unit into one room to receive life saving heat, or the glorious comfort of cooled air.  Either way, the combination of having a secure generator and a temperature controlled environment will make survival during times of crisis much, much better.  Again…these items can be found at Home Depot, but only when they are in season.  So, if you are planning on getting a heater…you need to either get one during the winter, or order it online during the year.  The stores do not stock heaters in the summer months.

You will also need to prepare what is aptly titled as a “bug out” bag because you really do not know what sort of emergency could come your way at a moments notice.  If you had to leave your home in the next 30 minutes to survive an attack, or a storm…what would you bring?  It is during these moments of crisis and decision that will determine the well-being of you and your loved ones over the days ahead.  It is very simple and easy to stage a back-pack full of all the items you will need to get you through the days immediately ahead.  (Bug-Out Bag Examples)  Although many people look at creating a bug-out bag by themselves to save money…the truth is that in the desire to save money the essentials of survival are never assembled.  Most people never assemble a bag for quick departure and find themselves down the road with a hastily thrown together plastic garbage bag full of “stuff.”  Take the time now and gather what you need and stow it away somewhere and hope you never need to use it.

To recap the basic survival needs there are essentially 3 things needed;

  1. Water
  2. Food
  3. Shelter

It really does not take much to get ready now, to prepare for the absolute minimum, so why not just get started?  If you choose to do nothing you will be full of regret when those that you love look for “stuff” and you realize you were a fool to not even prepare to have toilet paper that would allow them to wipe their butt.  If that happens what then?  There are leaves out back right?

Prepare now and do not allow you, and your family suffer needlessly.


Long Term Food Storage -

Basic Survival Needs

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America is in Trouble….

government_collageFor anyone paying attention it is easy to notice that America is in trouble.  If you understand that the United States Constitution is NOT a living breathing document… then you get it, and might be interested in what I have to say.

If you turn on the television lately you may have noticed that the title of “Boob Tube” is now more precise (of a title) than it ever has been in American history.  As The Dark Angel, in his books, calls it… ‘Vaginal Dribble’ which is a very precise name for what it really is.  In fact, here is a great link to an article posted by The Dark Angel that sums up rather nicely what a mess American media is today. ( And Speaking of the Media…)  The problem with American media today is that it is a classic bait and switch tactic that is being used with impunity, and incessantly, by the forces that want to wash away the very foundation America has stood firmly on for over 200 years.

What we are seeing on television today, and all of the media outlets, is simply a shell game.  The masses of morons (mainstream Americans) are so fascinated by the divisions that are sprouting up all over the place.  The gays, the anti-gays, the racist cops, the evil corporations, the escaped prisoners, the next latest and greatest useless piece of shit news story that will attract the masses like bugs to a bright light.  In fact, the bright light is a very good analogy because the end result is the same for bugs, as it is for America.  Both will be dead.

I do not care if you are Republican, Democrat…. or whatever… the reality is that the things that make America great are fading fast.  The toilet water is swirling and the very values that we, as Americans hold dear may soon be gone for good.  I am not here to tell you some feel good, motivating story to make you believe there is hope… because frankly… I think we, as a nation have turned a corner… it is just that we do not realize we are lost yet.

What we, as a nation must realize is that currently our culture is not contributing anything worthwhile to the world anymore.  We do not build big things, we do not make bold leaps into science anymore… and we surely no longer write good meaningful literary books.   We, as a nation, are a vacuum of bullshit that has little to offer the world’s stage of relevancy.  This is because we are so embroiled with what celebrities are doing… with who is on Dance With the Stars…. we are so busy being Mexican Americans, Afro Americans… and on and on and on… that we have forgotten that this nation is the one nation in the world where the masses could come and be free to do what they wanted to do…  to be safe… to be able to feed yourself and your family.  A place to come to be better.

Who would have ever guessed that the majority of  people coming to America would want to came here to destroy what is here?

What is the answer?

It really is quite simple… but to do it is the hard part.  But you wanted to know… so here it goes….


That’s it… as simple as that.  Vote with your money.   As things go in America today.. one thing never changed.  Vote with your money.

By NOT watching the Vaginal Dribble that is on TV… the major networks will have to change.  By NOT watching FOX News, or CNN, or MSNBC…. a new organization would be provided fertile ground to survive.  This is why so many sprout-ups are appearing all over the Internet.  This is why the Internet is so dangerous to those that seek harm to whatever nation they are seeking to depose.  The Internet is a place where the playing field is leveled.

I used to just watch the news.  I use to believe I was watching something that presented the news on a level playing field.  Then I realized that was not true… so I turned to Fox News.  Now I realize that Fox News is just the other side of the same coin.  Now I realize that I have to be able to pay attention to the unfocused mass of stuff that comes unfiltered to my computer via the Internet.

The world is a mess guys!  America is like a turd that won’t flush…

I would say that if Americans do not wake up soon… there will be no America left… but if I asked the question of what to do… just who would I ask?  Where would I go to ask it?

The unfocused loud noises that everyone hears is why we are in trouble.  The volume of factions fighting, the volume of ‘Vaginal Dribble’ that is flowing from the media is so loud… the ones that need to be heard… are just part of the noise.

What should you, as an American do?  The answer is simple….

Prepare yourself, and your family for some shit times… because things really do not look so good… and the economics that has always saved America is no longer there.

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Water For A Bug Out Bag

Water For A Bug Out BagStocking water for a bug out bag really needs to be a three-pronged approach to ensure redundancy.  This type of approach helps ensure the needed longevity of supply  for any emergency.  As with all things that are considered to be placed in a bug out bag, the over-riding considerations are quantity, weight and duration.  Since water is arguably the single most important item to bug out with…the need to ensure availability is paramount.  Let’s discuss how to approach stocking water for a bug out bag.

The three-pronged approach for preparing a water supply for your bug out bag are as follows;

  1. Immediate Supply
  2. Tomorrow’s Supply
  3. Random Re-Supply

What is meant by this is that you need to prepare your water supply as if you will not be receiving any water for weeks on end…because without water….you and your loved ones are dead.  It is very prudent to keep a supply of water on hand, with the ability to resupply from virtually any source that becomes available during your travels.

Immediate Water Supply
Your immediate water supply of water for your bug out bag is technically not part of your bug out bag, as it is part of the concept of bugging out.  What I mean by this is that you will need to distribute the load of your bugging out, while also minimizing the amount of times you need to access your bug out bag.  So, instead of having to stop and open up your bug out bag, it is strongly advised that you have a source that is carried on your waist, or hips.  It is strongly suggested that you simply get a canteen that can be worn around your waist so it can be accessed while on the move.  Equally important should be that accessing it does not expose the contents of your bug out bag to the wandering eyes of any strangers that may be on the road with you.  Depending upon your preference you may want to consider a CamelBak, in lieu of a canteen, or even both if you can bear the load.   In times of crisis the contents of your bug out bag will be worth more than money, so the less strangers that see of the contents…the safer you will be.  A canteen worn on the hips is highly advised for your immediate water supply, for your bug out bag.  Also, a canteen worn on the hips facilitates a quick refill if you randomly find potable water, which will conserve tomorrow’s water supply.

Tomorrow’s Water Supply
If water re-supply does not come quickly, you will need to have a secondary supply of water, in addition to your immediate supply.  It is strongly suggested you place some emergency water rations inside your bug out bag, which are relatively lightweight and store-able.  By accessing your second level of water supply a mental alarm will be triggered that warns you that the situation is dire.  When “tomorrow’s” water rations are accessed you need to be looking for a new source of water because when this supply of emergency water rations runs out….there is no more water.  Realizing that you will always be on the prowl for water resupply, the emergency packets in your bug out bag are there to be used when there is no resupply.  This supply should be large enough to last for at least 72 hours, without exception, with the understanding that you are ALWAYS looking for another, or new source of water.  In fact, you would (obviously) break into your random re-supply method, if possible, before opening up the emergency packets stored in your bug out bag.

When planning for “tomorrow’s water supply” it is essential to understand that opening up this supply is the last resort, when all other supply has run out, or is not available.  It needs to be understood that when planning the water needs for your bug out bag you realize that random resupply should be done repeatedly, as often as possible, before this supply is considered to be used.

Random Re-Supply
What is meant by a random resupply of water is simply have the means available to drink whatever water you encounter, as it is encountered.  The problem with these chance encounters is that much of the water that will be found is not safe to drink because of pollution and all of the other things that can be found.  The problem may not be so much finding water as it will be knowing whether it is safe to drink.  That is why the random resupply of bug out water is not so much packing water around as it is packing around the ability to filter the water.  That is why this entire section is all about how to best “clean” the water supply you find, to ensure the water you are drinking….does not kill you, or make you violently ill.  Below are a list of choices of what is available to allow a person to resupply, wherever they may be, or whatever may be going on.  The technology of re-supply is pretty cool today, and seems to be improving rapidly.

CamelBak All Clear Purifier

CamelBak is a leader in the industry and offers reliable purification whatever the destination.  CamelBak All Clear utilizes proven UV technology to effectively neutralize microbiological contaminants to EPA standards. With a built-in LCD to

confirm your results, purification has never been easier.  CamelBak All Clear turns nearly any tap or clear natural water source into potable drinking water in just 60 seconds, letting you hydrate on the spot. And, since CamelBak All Clear is a water bottle as well as a purification system, you can enjoy your water right after treatment or carry it with you.  It is very simple and only requires batteries.  It is not readily available in stores, as the business model of CamelBak is to sell online, or so it appears.

The CamelBak water purification system may seem somewhat pricey to a person that is a newcomer, but to the seasoned veteran that realizes just how valuable it is to have a renewable source of fresh, safe drinking water realizes that this product would be worth more than gold in a time of crisis.  For a person looking to complement their immediate water supply with a renewable source…the benefits are exponential.  The unit itself can treat 80 cycles, or 16 gallons on a single charge and only weighs 17 ounces.  The container holds 25 ounces / .75 liter.  The UV bulb lasts for 10,000 cycles, which is the equivalent of 3 bottles a day everyday for 9 years.

The one thing a person needs to be VERY aware of, when using the CamelBak ALL Clear, as a bug out bag reusable water supply is that when it is being refilled to not allow drops to gain access to the water supply by getting drops on the threads for the lid.   Simply being aware of this, combined with simple precautions makes the CamelBak ALL Clear personal water supply our #1 top choice to carry as a redundant, reusable supply of water to be combined with your bug out bag.

In addition to having a redundant immediate water supply it is essential that a person plan for their bug out bag a longer term solution for water resupply.  I know it sounds cliché, but without water a person will not last very long.  With the advent of individual, lightweight portable technology there is little reason to not carry a Katadyn Hiker Water Filter, or some other filtration system that will allow not only the individual, but a small group of people the opportunity to have a safe resupply of water for many months.

To round off your water plans it is highly suggested you invest a rather minor sum in a Katydyn water filtration systemUsing a system like Katydyn, combined with CamelBak ,a person is assured they will not run out of drinking water if they are required to bug out on a moments notice.    When a person compliments their water filtration system with a personal straw filtration point of use system, the worry of running out of water will vanish and you will be able to focus on other issues.

The cost to prepare for stocking your bug out bag with a plan to NOT run out of water is essential to the overall plan of even having a bug out bag in the first place.  It really is common sense that when preparing to stock your bug out bag with water it is really more of a plan and not so much considered a supply.  By simply stocking your bug out bag with the technology to obtain water from random re-supply opportunities, you will prepared much more than others fleeing for safety in response to an emergency.  By simply obtaining the technology, and stowing it away in your bug out back, you will be able to leave on a moment’s notice and be ready to face whatever is just around the next corner.

More importantly…if you have a family, or a group of loved ones, it is essential that you take the lead and gather the needed water related items ASAP because if you do not, and they are thirsty…they will look to you for what to do.  If you are to survive any situation that will cause you to bug out water is an essential that cannot be skipped.  You may have the biggest and baddest bug out bag…but without water it will all be left on the side of the road and taken by someone who did plan and had water because you will have passed out (or worse) from not having enough water to even resist.

Planning for the need of water in your bug out bag is the most essential item that you will need in your bug out bag plan.  Forget milk do you Got water?

Deluxe survival kit with food storage and water

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The Can Opener Store For Survival and Hunkering Down

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Small Am-FM Radio For Emergencies

It never ceases to amaze me that as soon as there is an emergency the general public runs out and empties out the store shelves of all the batteries, and even the small AM-FM radios.  As everyone is aware, it is essential to have a radio of some sort to hear what is going on all around.  If you are preparing to get a portable AM-FM radio for your emergency preparation plans it is strongly advised that you take one step further and use your radio as a work station, and not just as a battery draining device.

What is meant by this is that for just a few dollars spent now, you will be able to transform your portable AM-FM radio into a device that does so much more than just receiving a signal, while draining your batteries.  During times of disaster an emergency radio, that doubles as a work station, is an asset that will be used everyday.  Not only should you be converting your radio into a workstation, it should be small enough to  be included it in your bug out supplies.

By choosing the right radio a person will be able to stay connected, which means being able to stay informed.  During times of emergency staying informed will be a vital part of knowing what is going on all around the world you are traveling, or hunkering down.  Without some sort of radio, you would be literally be unable to know what is going on around, other than by word of mouth which is not the most reliable method of staying informed.

I have done a great deal of searching for the best emergency AM-FM radio and the best ones appear to be manufactured by Ambient Weather, with the model WR-111A being not only dependable…but very affordable.  It offers ALL of the features that would come in very handy when needed.  In fact, it has nothing but positive reviews.  There are other radios that cost 2 or 3 times as much…but there really is no need to spend that kind of money.  From using it as a spare LED flashlight, to charging your cell phone this radio will literally pay its way by giving back.  This radio is essential to what you are looking for in a device that is not only portable, but affordable while providing the needed dependability you are looking to have.

Not only does this model allow you to recharge batteries, it has a solar panel for recharging while also having a hand crank that can recharge itself in a pinch…In fact…there are 5 ways that the device can obtain power!

  1. USB
  2. DC
  3. AC
  4. Hand Crank
  5. Solar Power

It also has digital tuning so you do not have to try to get reception by turning a tuner back and forth only to get static and stations that fade in and out.  Also, the digital tuner is back lit so it can be used even in the dark of a storm during the middle of a powerless event.

If you are looking for the best option while trying to affordable prepare yourself for either some end of world scenario or simply a storm related crisis…..a portable radio is essential.  Taking the extra moments to ensure your radio does more than just receive signals is not only the smart thing to do…it can be a vital asset to maintain.  Whether you are looking for a radio for your home storage or your bug out bag, or both, it is strongly recommended that you check out the Ambient Weather model WR-111A.  It is not only one of the most affordable…it has assumed the #1 best seller slot in its category.  You owe it to yourself to at least check it out because the payoff will be much greater than the small price you pay if it is ever needed.

A word of caution though…this dependable radio has such a great reputation that it is quite often out of stock.  It is recommended that you pre-order if it is out of stock before you consider ordering a different model.  This radio has such a great reputation of satisfaction that when it is available…you may want to order 2 of them!  (Check it out on

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How To Secure Your Portable Generator During Times of Crisis and Emergency

The title of this video says it all.  This is simply a very simple way for you to prepare a safe, and secure location for securing your portable generator during a time of crisis.  The last thing you want to have happen is walk out and see your portable generator stolen by someone that felt as if they needed it more than you did.

As with ALL preparation for crisis and survival an ounce of prevention goes a very long way.  By spending just a small bit of money now you can secure the things you need, and want to keep during times of crisis.

Have your portable generator delivered directly to you from Lowe’s or Home Depot.  Quite often they will deliver it for FREE and because they are your typical BIG BOX retail store they will bend over backwards to make sure you are happy if there is an issue.  Getting it delivered is about as easy as it gets because if you ever had to lift one yourself…you know how heavy they are to unload.


Shop Generators at Lowe’s!                                                    Shop Generators at The Home Depot!

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